The MedTech World descends on Düsseldorf: MEDICA 2019

MEDICA is the world’s largest exhibition for the medical devices industry. For over 40 years this exhibition has attracted companies, experts and buyers from all over the world.

During last year’s event over 120,000 professionals visited from more than 70 countries. They met with in excess of 5,200 exhibitors. No other medical device event attracts as large a crowd.

This year, MEDICA has realigned itself around 5 different medical technologies:

To stay on top MedTech experts have to keep their finger on the pulse: the sector is not only undergoing major technical changes by becoming more digital and more networked, the market demands ever more explicit proof of value for the various healthcare stakeholders.

MEDICA 2019 allows us to catch up with our European colleagues to discuss the latest news on MDR and IVDR, touch base with the various Notified Bodies (designated, or in process, or maybe not…), learn about changes in how European Countries evaluate the value of different Healthcare Technologies and how the market and distribution channels are adopting to the changes.

Looking forward to see you in Düsseldorf.

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