Acquisitions are exiting and full of promise. But, M&A activity is known to be high risk, with a well documented 50%+ failure rate.
Nevertheless, many companies will consider M&A as an appealing growth strategy. Given the odds, GB5D's unbiased advise and assistance with careful M&A planning and process implementation, can improve your chances of ending up on the correct side of this statistic.
GB5D can help you:

  • Develop a strategic M&A plan
  • Build a target list
  • Assist during the Pre-M&A Due Diligence phase in anticipation of post-M&A integration
  • Develop a Post Acquisition Integration Plan
  • Identify and manage a potential corporate culture clash (see Differences In Corporate Culture: Can You Avoid M&A Failure?)
  • Staff the post acquisition integration plan

Our efforts are focused on planning, due-diligence, contract negotiation, and the implementation of the post acquisition integration plan.