July 25, 2017

Invest in a Strategic International Business Development Plan. Consider Regulatory Restrictions

As your company contemplates expanding its market into foreign countries, sometimes regulatory restrictions play an important role. Think about a company selling supplements, or mechanical components for the aerospace industry. In such an environment, investing in a Strategic International Business Development Plan may mean the difference between certain failure and success. Regulatory Restrictions It may very well

June 24, 2017

How does a Life Sciences Company Go about European Site Selection?

You want to set up a subsidiary in Europe? You ask yourself what country to pick for your European HQ’s? How do you go about European Site Selection? What is your intention? To provide insight into the process, we will take the example of a US based Life Sciences company. The company wants to enter the European market.

May 26, 2017

European Startups Set Up Shop in the US to Access American Venture Capital

Sometimes startups in Europe exhaust their access to local capital. They must consider moving to the US, or setting up a subsidiary in order to Access American Venture Capital. As an added benefit, European startups funded with US capital typically attain higher valuations than startups that only attracted European money. The US has more VC money than Europe. Per

April 4, 2017

Three Steps to Find your Partner: 3. To Select the Best International Business Partner, Compare the List of Potential Candidates with your Ideal Partner Profile

The first step, explained how you can develop a list of characteristics ranked and weighed, describing our Ideal Partner. The second step resulted in a list of potential candidates. Making a comparison between the list of potential candidates with your Ideal Partner profile sound very straightforward. except, it is probably a complex, arduous task. If

March 20, 2017

Three Steps to Find your Partner: 2. Develop a list of Potential International Business Partners, Distributors or Agents.

In our first step, we created the profile of our ideal international partner. The profile includes requirements regarding such criteria as financial strength, market access, technical expertise and cultural fit. Our second step is to develop a list of potential International Business Partners. As part of the ideal profile you have also determined whether you want

March 5, 2017

Three Steps to Find your International Business Partner: 1. Develop the Ideal International Partner Profile for an Agent or Distributor

Many companies that are interested in exporting into an overseas market, are not ready to set up a subsidiary. They then have to choose between an indirect export method, using an export company, or a direct export method, using an International Partner such as a distributor or an agent. Let us presume that your company

February 21, 2017

What are INCOTERMS® 2010?

New to INCOTERMS®? Then spend some time reading through this guide to INCOTERMS® 2010. If you ship globally you’ll need to know these shipping terms when communication with your International customer or supplier. Shipping Terms Shipping terms typically address at which point in time the responsibilities and liabilities related to the shipping of the goods

January 26, 2017

Finding Partners to Grow Export Business

Partners Can Facilitate International Expansion Small companies often have limited resources which can severely restrict their expansion options. They may not have the money to set up a local subsidiary. Let alone several subsidiaries in multiple country regions. Their only option may be to find a suitable partner who can facilitate their International Expansion. Identifying Regional Markets Imagine

January 14, 2017

FOB, Shipping Point or FCA, Shipping Point INCOTERMS® 2010?

Do you use FOB in your standard Terms and Conditions? Does it say, FOB, Shipping Point – or FOB, Destination Point – ? Then pay attention to what follows, and start using INCOTERMS® 2010 for all your International transactions: The US and Canada recognize FOB, Shipping Point or Destination Point as legal terms for the domestic shipment of goods.

January 10, 2017

Global Business Development as International Change Management

Your International Business Development Plan calls for the establishment of a first overseas subsidiary. It helps to look at the implementation of your plan as an “International Change Management” process. Your product development group will need input from your prospective overseas customers, and the shipping department needs to put new processes in place to ship to